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Nordlok and its partners provide managing director services and trust services not only in The Netherlands, but also in other European countries. In those juridictions where the financial services area is regulated, Nordlok will cooperate with licensed entities in order to comply with local laws.

Companies managed on behalf of third parties in the Netherlands are obliged to comply with the Act on the Supervision of Trust Offices (“Wtt”), the Identification (Provision of Services) Act (“WID”), the Disclosure of Unusual Transactions (Financial Services) Act (“WMOT”) and the Sanctions Act 1977 (“Sanctiewet 1977”).

Range of services for holding, finance, investment and royalty companies as well as foundations

Managing Director services

provide a personal director; act as interim- and/or supervisory director;
take care of the day-to-day management of the company;
communicate on daily management affairs with the shareholders or their representative(s),
as well as with the other board members, if any; handle the company's correspondence;

General and legal services

co-ordinating the incorporation of companies;
providing for domicile/corporate seat and registered offices;
keeping corporate records; acting as proxy holder;
keeping the registration with the Chamber of Commerce up to date;
assisting with the preparation of proxies, resolutions and contracts;
holding and/or attending Shareholders' and Board meetings;
providing minutes of the various meetings;
assisting with the liquidation of companies;
providing a full range of secretarial services;
advising on aspects of company law, tax regulations and finance;
and the implementation of tax planning in close co-operation with tax consultant;
arranging for the filing of corporate tax returns;
handling other tax matters (e.g. value added tax, income tax);

Administrative services

taking care of cash management;
preparation of periodic bank statements or reports on changes to balances;
maintaining payroll administration; handling invoicing;
providing for the book-keeping of the company;
preparing interim accounts and the annual accounts, including the consolidated accounts when required;
arranging for and assisting with the drafting of an audit report when required;
providing cash-flow, budget and/or other overviews which may be required;
reclaim of foreign dividend withholding tax.

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